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Nuclear Science Research Group




The University of Rochester Nuclear Science Research Group performs basic research in nuclear science and applied nuclear R&D. The present focus is on explorations of the dynamics of complex nuclear reactions and the response of nuclear matter in energetic collisions of light and heavy ions with heavy target nuclei. A new direction pursues light-ion nuclear reactions in thermonuclear plasma environments. Applied R&D support basic nuclear science and energy related projects. They include studies of the tritium cycle in inertial confinement fusion systems.

The research is sponsored by grants from the United States Department of Energy.

The group has active experimental research programs at several national and international nuclear research facilities. Most of these programs are conducted in the framework of international collaborations. Consult a recent group activity brief.

Opportunities are provided for training in experimental and theoretical nuclear science at the undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate levels. The group's outreach program sponsors research internships for high school students.

Lectures for the public on nuclear fission power, its status and perspectives have been given at various colleges and departments..

Past noteworthy events:
The Advanced Nuclear Science Education Laboratory "ANSEL" was attended by the inaugural class of UR undergraduate and graduate students during the Spring Term of 2010. From then on, ANSEL has been offered every year. The laboratory was funded by the NRC and is sustained collaboratively by the Departments of Chemistry and Physics and Astronomy.

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